Communication, Conflict Management, and De-escalation

Course Overview

The Infinity Communication, Conflict Management, and De-escalation program is designed for individuals who work in law enforcement. It is based on the development of respectful, thoughtful, and measured interactions between individuals and groups. It has been designed, and is currently being delivered by law enforcement professionals with extensive experience in dealing with situations that can lead to physical altercations.

The program is delivered in a blended delivery format with the initial portion of the course being delivered online and the remainder delivered in a classroom setting. The course is fully customizable in that Infinity will produce video re-enactments of situations faced by your personnel and incorporate them into the course. This will ensure that the material takes on additional relevance for your personnel and that they see the proper way to interact in the environment in which they will be working.

  • The course includes the following topic areas:
  • Articulate the goals of communication
  • Describe the Osgoode communication model and its various components
  • Describe the various modes of communication including Language, Para-language, and Body-language
  • Quantify the relative importance of each of the above modes of communication
  • Identify various barriers to the communication process
  • Identify various communication enhancements
  • State how the communication enhancements identified above can be used to improve communication
  • Define a "Crisis"
  • List the common causes of Crisis
  • Detail the four stages of Crisis
  • Detail the appropriate response for each stage of Crisis
  • Detail the difference between a "Legitimate" and an “Illegitimate” challenge
  • Describe a "Block", "Side-Step", and "Deflection" and how they are used to deal with challenging types of questions
  • Detail the process for setting limits
  • Define “De-escalation
  • The “Winning” misconception
  • Judgement
  • The de-escalation process and situational control
  • Situational role-play exercises

Due to the fact that the course is customized for each client there is a longer than normal time to set up and configure the online and in-class components. Additionally, all video scenarios will be produced at the client's location and will require participation from the client's personnel.

Classroom Delivery

Course Features

  • Anytime access to course materials
  • Instructor support
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Interactive exercises
  • Client based video scenarios
  • In-class, video recorded instructor-led role-play exercises 

Online Course Delivery
Our Online, Instructor-Led Communication, Conflict Management, and De-escalation course is delivered with state of the art technology to make the course simple as well as easy to navigate and use. As you progress through the course you have access to course instructors for any questions you have.
You’re fully supported by knowledgeable law enforcement professionals, and we continually update the course material to ensure it stays in up to date with any changes to legislation, case-law, and best practices.

Please contact for pricing and course scheduling.

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